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ART file info extractor, takes out info about Size, Surface type,
X & Y offset, Animation properties, View type and Voxel ID.
INI and BAT file generator, you can create one episode with up to 10 maps.
INI and BAT file generator for a single map with an optional TILES018.ART file replacement.
Catalogues demos present in the Blood folder,
The included demos must be played back with OUWB.
Catalogues maps present in the Blood folder and displays them in screens of 80 maps each, lets you Play, Edit or Delete etc.
Seperates Blood maps from non Blood maps, use it when you don't want to test every unknown MAP type to see if it works in Blood or not.
An easy to use editor to set the surface type of tiles. Each surface type has got its own individual key instead of just 1 in Artedit.
An episode compiler that lets you define a custom episode using your maps, sounds, art and more.
Converts a Paintshop Pro palette to one that can be used in Blood.
Lets you select 1 of 8 custom palettes and then runs the game.
A batch script that will generate an installer for a Map and MIDI file and stores all the needed files in a project folder.
A new browser that lets you not only edit but also test SEQ files.
Edit frame parameters that are normally not visible in QAVEDIT;
sound, volume, priority, type and ID.
Combines QAV and SEQ Browser that does not need Blood Alpha nor the extraction of the Blood.rff with WinBarf. You can get started right away!
Randomly picks 1 map out of all official episodes and then runs Blood.
Makes switching between editing and playing of your map quicker.
Reads from a script file and will then modify the appropriate files,
no need for Artedit anymore. Comes with Edit'n'Play script.
A batch script that will generate a script file and installer for sounds.
Comes with a collection of some Blood 2 voices of Caleb.
This little batch file is somewhat similar to Ini Mini Solo except it works with a command line.
Edit Cryptic Passage maps the easy way. Will Install the CP art and runs Mapedit. You should make backups of the CP maps yourself if needed.
Script that mounts the CD tracks without the disc but as Ogg files.
Note: Ogg songs are not included, you need to get them elsewhere.
Turns off Slope Tilting. Use this when your map has vertical stack portals and you do not want Caleb to look up/down when going through.
Blood to Duke3D map converter shell.
The converter made by Mathieu Olivier and Timothy Hale is also included.
Script that temporarily removes Caleb's songs.
All sounds will be restored after you quit Blood.

How to add custom RAW and MID files to the game.
Comes with a ready-made example.
How to create your own custom sounds with free
sound recording & editing software.
How to add custom voxels to the game.
How to create proper transparent sprites.
How to add QAV files to the game.

Everything about Mapedit's sector dialog screens.
Everything about Mapedit's sprite dialog screen.
Everything about Mapedit's wall dialog screen.
Sector effects list and info.
Sprite effects list and info.
A list of Status List values and sprite type description.
List of all keys. under construction
List with graphical info about mapedit's 2D mode under construction
Sound ID and (file)Name listing.
Voxel ID and PicNum listing.
Palette ID listing.
Palette Lookup Table ID listing.
Some info about QAV files and its data structure.
QAV file ID listing.
SEQ file ID listing.
A list of Gib Object types with screenshots and video links.
A list of Wall Gib types with screenshots and video links.
A list of Dude Spawn types with screenshots.
A list of Drop Item types with screenshots.

Each map inside a tutorial pack is a separate episode.

Z Motion, Z Motion Sprite, Step Rotate,
Slide, Rotate, Counter Sector
Mirror, Water, Stack, Cracked Wall,
Combination Switch
Z Motion Door, Split Door, Swing Doors,
Sliding Doors, Revolving Doors
2 Way Car, Elevators, Kill Counter, Stone Gargoyle,
Sounds, Shoot Lights, Minefield, Dude Spawn, Cannon
Custom Item Pickup, Water Drip, Path Sector, Pitfall,
Upper & Lower Link
Death Timer, Long Jump, See Through Portals
Feather Fall, Unbeatable Zombie, Weapon Spawn
Multi Triggerable Explosion, Lighting Techniques, Phasing Lights
Combi Reset, Force Field, Fire Pit, New Smoke, Snow, Sticky Floor
How to add text messages to your maps.
Demonstrates all useful sprite types (400 and up).
Demonstrates different triggers for Sprite, Wall and Sector.
How to set up the secrets counter, Normal and Super.
Tutorial page under construction

The alpha version of Blood, comes together with some useful tools.
Contents are already unlocked, no passwords needed.
The shareware version of Blood, has some restrictions.
Only the first episode is available and it does not accept usermaps.
Map example of a Digital and a Real clock.
Art, sound and voxel replacement for the Tommy gun.
A somewhat unusual example of what is possible in Mapedit.
All Blood 1.xx and Alpha tiles converted to BMP format.
All Cryptic Passage tiles in PCX format.
Custom art of 4 famous painters; Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Da Vinci. Comes with individual PCX files and a TILES018.ART file.
A package for converting Powerslave maps to the Blood map format.
All Caleb samples from Blood 2 in WAV format.

The Ultimate Blood Map and Add-on Collection!
Contains 2060 maps made by over 300 authors.


Loosely based on the 1987 point & click adventure by Lucasfilm.
Unfinished map with a multi level house theme.
BB map - Blocks, red & blue, stacks, teleporters, illusions, secrets.
BB map with many doors, stacks and more.
BB map with strong lighting and a quakish atmosphere.

DOS Emulator.
For the latest Blood maps and add-ons.
YouTube channel.
Resources for Total Conversions and Mods.
Mods for games database.
Network client to play Blood online.
The Blood Wiki.